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Big City Life 1840s 
People from around the world flock to the USA for a better life. Many arrive with only the clothes on their back. In the cramped tenements and rough buildings of cities expanding out of control, there is little in the way of law and order.  Gangs form. Some attain a veneer of respectability as private bands of firefighters: Firegangs.
Not perfect historically, but a great insight to the game.
Rivalries between gangs run high
and in the rush for riches and renown it's maybe understandable that the occasional scuffle breaks out. 

Gangs survive on a combination of reputation, team spirit, and hard cash. Some ally themselves with the wealthy, others with powerful politicians and other crooks.  After all, what better way to support your interests than having a handy bunch of hatchet wielding enthusiasts on hand?

You lead one such FIREGANG 
Day to day you protect the life, limb and property of your paying customers. But your gang can also double as a local protection force, private security, or simple extortionists and thugs.  So, if someone doesn't take out the right insurance, well, maybe they'll come to regret it.
Firegangs 1840s is the first in a series of similar themed games
It plays as a fast-paced dice rolling game where there are no turns, just a race to be the best.  But there are strategic options, fickle fate, and clawback mechanisms to take advantage of.  You know you've got a chance of winning or, at least, the opportunity for revenge. 
  •  Quick: One game can be played in 10-20 minutes
  •  Flexible: 2-4 players, or more if you've got another set
  •  Friendly: Get the family and friends together for some intense and fun competition 
After the dice rolling action of 1840s there's two more games on their way:
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